HAVE: have, almost black, perry's baby red and james brydon

bonniein(INDIANA)April 26, 2007

FIRST, Please respond here.

Right now emails sent thru Gardenweb are not going thru for some reason.

If you'd like to discuss privately, post your email addy for me to respond.

I'd like to find someone interested in all three for a trade but will divide into three trades if necessary.

Would like to trade for:

Variegated Iris of any kind

Perry's Orange Sunset

American Star


JoAnne Pring

Tetragona (N. Pygmea)

*any of Perry's varieties that I don't have


Yuh Ling


Peter Slocum

Make Offer..... If I don't have it, I most likely want it!

Please know that I have 50+ varieties in my collection, please don't get offended if I decline because I might already have it!

I've posted on forums for several years now so I can give references of many trades.

If you don't have references, I may ask that I receive your pkg before I mail mine out.

Thanks and Happy Ponding!


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I have JoAnne Pring if you would trade for Almost Black (I already have James Brydon and Baby Red). Also, I have N. Pygmaea seeds. Unfortuneately, Pygmaea does not make eyes for divison. But can include the seeds with the JoAnne Pring if you want to try them.

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Yes that would be wonderful!

Please email me. If it doesn't go thru you can directly email me at butterflysarebeautiful@hotmail.com so we can discuss details further.(

Also let me know if you have anything else for trade and/or looking for anything special.


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Also I see you are looking for Perry's Black Princess?

If mine can be divided, I would love to trade for Black Opal if you have an extra divison!!


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I have Variegated land Iris. The leaves are green with white to cream lines. The blooms are a light purple and have 4 to 5 blooms on a spike. Unfortunately they are unamed at this point. They are currently blooming and I can send pictures if you are interested. I would be interested in any of the listed trades.



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Hello Neal,
I sent you an email.

Out of the 3, James Brydon is the only one that I still have available but I have others to trade.....

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