WANTED: Any Arizona ponders out there?

azcopperpenny(Az zone 9)April 11, 2009

I was wanting to find out if there were any pond lovers in the Phoenix area, preferrably in the west valley/Peoria that would be interested in exchanges of plants and information. I have had ponds in one form or another for the last 4 years, but am still learning. I am happy to help those who are just starting out and would love to find others that are far more advanced than I. There is a Pond group here called the Greater Phoenix Pond Society, but all their meetings are in the far east valley. I can't see wasting a lot of gas to drive 50 miles or more to trade a couple of pond plants. I recently divided my hardy lilies and have quite a few available. I have never divided them before but I found a video on line to teach me how to do it.

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I live in Buckeye. I know what you mean about the Pond Society. I thought about joining, but that would be a drive. I have some hardies as well, but I'm more into tropicals. I tried to over winter them and failed. I should have just left them in my pond. Lesson learned. Do you have koi? Send me an email. I'll let you know what I have.

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azcopperpenny(Az zone 9)

Hi Landey1230. I know where Buckeye is! My sister lived there for a while but moved up to Rimrock. I have a few tropicals that I bought recently and am nursing them along to see how they do. They were a grab bag assortment so I don't even know what type they are yet! I do have some things you may be interested in. Email me at azcopperpenny at yahoo.com
(Trying to avoid the email trackers)

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hi az ponders, i was wondering if you have any extra lilys, i would gladly take off your hands. im down south of ya, see my trade list or i could send pics.. one4everbigmama@yahoo.com

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