Limited space: singles or groups?

ptwonlineApril 16, 2014

So I am hoping to use daylilies to fill out some of the spaces in my small garden, but realistically I do not have room for many, but there are so many types I would like to plant!

So now I am wondering: should I plant maybe 2 different types in groups of 3 for effect, or should I go ahead and plant a larger variety but in singles where I can?

I know that grouping has more impact, but I feel bummed out that there are so many that I would have no space for. Since my garden is relatively small (about 16x12 and several shrubs) I was hoping that even singles would pack some punch.


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It all depends on the effect you want to have. Most of us would choose just one plant of each variety, since it multiplies and forms a clump that makes quite an impact (in about 3 years). However, if you are making a perennial garden in which color coordination is important, you might choose to use clusters of daylilies of the same cultivar as part of your garden. In a perennial garden at the hospital, I do use some big yellows of the same cultivar and some multiples of repeat bloomers; but generally, I stick to one of each.

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Ok so I looked up a video about dividing daylilies and I did not realize that the clumps got so big! I guess I'll just need one of each then and wait for them to fill in.

So what do people do with extra divided daylilies they have no space for? If you can't give them away do you just compost them?

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Wish I had that problem with some expensive cultivars. There will be no need to divide for several years--as long as the clump keeps blooming well. And then, yes, treat the extras as compost if you have no recipients.

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