WANTED: Information on best soil for new veggie garden

brianc2112(z8 Buckley WA)March 2, 2011

Hi Everyone!

It has been a number of years since I have posted anything on this site. Y'all were the first group I thought of when I came up with this question.

I am in the process of moving our veggie garden to a new area of the back yard. the new garden will consist of raised beds made from untreated cedar. Over all I expect to have approximately 20-30 boxes that measure 2' x 6' x 2'.

Due to all the soil medium needed, I was thinking that pre-bagged soil/compost would be cost prohibitive.

Would it be best to get a big truckload of Cedargrove compost, or would there be a better alternative.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


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Hello Brian,
Yes, the big truckload would be much less expensive. The best alternative I've found is getting a truckload at a time and emptying directly into my raised beds. It saves on your back and I think it's a better deal. They also have compost mixed with washed composted manure. I've been using it, and I can really tell the difference. Also, if you have the option of a truck at a time, ask if they are still giving out frequent user cards. Get 10 loads and the 11th is free.

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I agree with Teresa to get a bulk load of compost more than you think you'll need really because it will shrink especially if you plant in straight compost. If you don't have your own soil to mix with it you could get a load of top soil to mix in.

To save $ you could use some of the free horse manure advertised around the south end as well as lasagna layers of compostable materials. Build your own compost pile for your fall use or you put at bottom of your boxes if not hot manure, but not fully composted then top with the finished compost/soil mixture you create.

Expect shrinking as the compost decomposes. I'll post what we did on the NWGardening forum instead of here.


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