WANTED: Bee Balm and Echinacea

kirklandgal(8)March 24, 2013

Live in north Kirkland. Would love to add Either/both of these to my garden. Anyone have some they need to divide? Any variety or color fine.

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I have at least one Echinacea paradoxa, which is a yellow coneflower. I am having a plant trade in Olympia on April 20th, and you are invited. I'll set it aside for you, just in case. There's a good chance that someone will bring bee balm. But if not, mabe you'll find something else for your garden.

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I have bee balm and echinacea. Jacob's clime for the bee balm and I'll have to look up my echinacea. It's a yellow flowering variety. I'm in W. Seattle, so if you're in the area, I'll be happy to dig some up for you.

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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

Monarda (beebalm) didyma 'Jacob Cline' is reputed to be one of the best for our area...less prone to powdery mildew in a moist climate.

Bonus - it is favored by hummingbirds. Because it tends to bloom pretty much all a once, I pinch back about 1/3 of the stems when the get to about 8-10 inches tall. While the rest of the stems are blooming, the pinched stems take awhile to branch out and continue growing, so they come into bloom later...thus extending the overall blooming season.

Being in the mint family, Monarda does spread by runners. But in my yard it is only mildly invasive & pretty easy to control...I just avoid planting it close to other perennials or shrubs so I don't have to disturb anything when I chop out chunks of the Monarda. Early spring is a good time to divide & share it or dig out an old clump & put back some of the newer growth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monarda didyma 'Jacob Cline'

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