HAVE: Zebra Rush or Variegated Cattail for Trade

pondgirl(9)April 26, 2008

I have zebra rush and variegated cattail to trade. I am looking for all kinds of water hyacinth, mini aquatics, oxygenators such as anacharis and cabomba. Am also looking looking for mini water lily.

Make an offer!

Thanks. GAiL


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i have white water snowflake which looks like a water lily but is tinier than even the miniature waterlilies. it has white waterlily-like flowers and small, floating waterlily-like pads. if you are interested, let me know and i would be willing to trade some for the variegated cattail. thanks.

happy ponding,


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Would be interested in varigated cattail. I have Helvola and Perry's Baby Red for trade.
Let me know.

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