WANTED: Nurseries Online that sell Mature Horsetail Rush?

Jeffrey SchneiderApril 23, 2007


I would like to plant horestail rush indoors and cannot find a nursery online that sells mature horestail rush (i.e., as seen at Huntington Gardens: http://jeffnycity.blogspot.com/ ).

Does anyone know of a nursery? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



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Hi. I sell horsetail reed. What do you mean by "mature plants?" The plants I sell are about 3 1/2 foot tall, which is as tall as the box, and sometimes have to be cut to be that short. I can send taller but the shipping is more. They get up to about 6 foot tall. How many do you want? Each stem is a plant.
Happy ponding!

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Jeffrey Schneider

Oooooo! I would like as tall as you sell.

I want to fill a container which is about 44 square inches. How many stems would you recommend? Do you have a website I could visit to see the specimen?

thank you!

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Hello again, just wanted to follow up with anyone living in Reno NV ... does anyone know where I can wild craft horsetail this summer around here? I'd love to grow it near my creek if I can find some to transplant as well.
Thanks so much,

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