have: w wa trade: 8+ foot stewartia pseudocamellia

akebia(8a Western WA)March 4, 2006

I have an 8+ foot Stewartia pseudocamellia in perfect shape, dormant, still in the ground. Bad planning on my part: It really won't work in my yard.

I'm not a hard-ass about trading, but it's a pretty pricey plant (more than $150 retail, $100 wholesale), so I'm hoping for a fairly big or unusual trade. SEE BOTTOM OF LIST FOR NON-PLANT TRADE OPTIONS (such as garden or carpentry help and stuff I want, like electronics).

Plants I'm looking for--would like decent size or unusual variety--or partial trade if it's neither:

--Similar size deodar cedar, Leyland cypress, Hogan's cedar, incense cedar, or other fairly fast growing, columnar or narrowish conifer

--Interesting conifer varieties--for instance dwarf, white-variegated, or lime-colored (tempt me)

--Callistemon Little John (3 would be a partial or full trade, depending on size and condition) or other dwarf Callistemon

--Kaki persimmon (decent size or as part of trade)

--Loquat that will actually fruit in W Washington

--Three large Cistus 'Sunset' (partial trade)

--Possibly black bamboo (tempt me, I already have some)

--Several DWARF or low blueberry or bilberry plants

--Several Vaccinium vitis-idea (lingonberry)--partial trade

--Several alpine or white alpine or French pastry variety strawberries (partial trade)

--Black mulberry or weeping mulberry

--Really cool Ericas, Callunas, Daboecia, or Phyllodoce (heaths and heathers)--partial to full trade depending on quantity/quality

--Unusual or really cool stuff, like carnivorous plants, rare plants, unusual fruits, fabulous natives

--NOTE: I am also willing to do a partial or full trade for gardening help this summer. (I have arthritis and need all the help I can get, but I'm a Master Gardener, so I'd be happy to teach (and/or learn!) as we work.)

--OR a partial trade on my part for some walkway pavers, stone, or some hardscaping installation (not a lot of it)

--OR a trade for your helping me build an arbor for kiwis

--OR a trade for housecleaning

--OR I could use good auto speakers, a good CD player for a Subaru wagon, or really good bookshelf speakers (we can negotiate)

--OR trade or partial trade for garden art

--OR fabulous large pots (particularly those lightweight ones that look like clay, but really anything sturdy and good) or trellises or benches, etc.

--An iPOD or iPOD-like thing?


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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

I've always admired that plant. Are you interested in Brugmansias (I have a full size brug tree), Iochromas, Nepenthes (carnivorous), orchids, or Colocasias? If you are, drop me an email. I also have some great perenials that I haven't yet listed like Cimicifuga negligee (my favorite plant)
I do have a 12'+ Deodor Cedar that I might part with but I'd need some help digging it up, it's not small. :)

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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

I've emailed you.

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