Counting Daylily Scapes and Sending Garden Pics

avedon_gwApril 12, 2012

I have been going around looking at the daylilies, and now a number of them are putting up scapes. Golliwog, newly planted in Oct now has 3 and Beautiful Edgings has popped another one, so that makes three. Siloam Double Classic probably has more than 20 and Black-eyed Stella has lots, can't get a good count. Wild Horses has put up one--this daylily is going into year 3 and has never done much even in a great location with lots of TLC. It may be one of those that needs more time to get its act together. Moon Over Monteray has 2, and we have a few passalongs-unnamed--that are putting up scapes. Looks like daylily season is ready to get into full swing pretty soon as long as the weather stays like this. The biggest surprise is Voila Francois which just arrived less than a week ago--imagine how shocked I was to find a scape on it, and this is a single fan plant. When I saw the pics on the Daylily forum last year, I knew I had to get it, and I can hardly wait to see the first bloom. You know I will post a pic if the bloom is good. Now for a few garden pictures while we are waiting for daylily season. Avedon

This is a passalong plant to us, I think people call it Jacob's Ladder, but it is a hardy glad--love that color.

Closeup shot of glads.

This was a gift to me last year, one of those Walmart Mother's Day specials. My husband planted it in this container and this is how it looks now.

Closeup of flowers--about 2" across. Beautiful red color

Our 2 Lyda Rose roses

Closeeup flowers of Lyda Rose.

This is Creeping Blue Plumbago, also called Hardy Blue Plumbago. It is a ground cover we are using in one of our hottest spots, the south side of the house with lots of concete around. So far, it has done well, and I love the blue color.

Will close with triplet shot of Miss Victoria taken yesterday afternoon.

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Hooray for scapes, it won't be long in your garden before you are in full daylily swing. Meanwhile, all your other garden photos are wonderful. What a spectacular clump of glads. And I love the little red WalMart rose in the pot, both the flowers and the blue green foliage. It's very charming, and looks perfect in that container. The Lyda Rose are pure and innocent looking to me. A quick glance at your close up shot of them, and they almost look like pink dogwood blossoms. And isn't plumbago a terrific plant. I don't grow it, but I also have a very hot troublsome neglected spot where it would be perfect. Maybe this is the year I will decide to stop neglecting that spot. Looking forward to more photos from your garden.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm with Christine, Hooray for scapes! I have one early daylily in bloom, no scapes anywhere else in sight. The daylilies look really lush & green though.
I bet Wild Horses will improve for you this year. The first couple of years I wasn't impressed with mine at all either. Blooms were pretty, but no rebloom & didn't really seem to last very long. Last year it was stunning, & rebloomed a lot. It is a plant I'm not gonna mess with til I have to :)
Your Walmart rose is very pretty, all the roses are nice, but I love that brilliant color on the glads. I used to love soft, delicate, feminine colors. The last few years I find I want bolder, brighter, even gaudy plants :)

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Julia NY(6)

Love the pics. We are still battling the up and down temps here. Definitely an April showers month ahead.LOL.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Wow, your roses are so pretty and I love that little Red rose. its a beauty. Lyda Rose is pretty too.Those glads are a pretty color. I planted some one year and I ended up hateing them as they wouldn't stand up, they kept falling over on other plants, so I dug up as many as i could and gave them to a daughter to plant in her yard, since she liked them. well,I cant seem to get rid of them as every few weeks I see glad leaves sticking up,and I go pull it up and there is a little bulb the size of a bean on it,and I throw it away,and in no time i spot another one.


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Great photos I especially like your roses and the plumbago I think I have a few spots were it would work in my yard.

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Love all the photos Avelon. I really like the Lyda Rose. And those glads are the color I am always drawn to in plants. Very nice!

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Hi Avedon! I believe your glads are Gladiolus byzantinus 'Cruentus' . A very valuable and awesome plant. Plantdelights has them for sale, see if they are not the same. 100 to 1 they are. I love, love, love mine! My pics of them are awful. Your cam. picked up the colors wonderfully. What cam do you use? Your garden and pics are beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Jean, these glads do not flop over even in part sun. And the color in person is stunning! I have 7 or 8 different varieties. The floppy ones are nerve wracking.

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Hi, Rena, glad you like the photos, especially of the hardy glads. I looked up the plant on the Plant Delights Nursery website, and I am sure they are the same. The camera I use is a Kodak Z915. I have had it about 2 1/2 years, the first digital camera I have ever had. It is 10 pixels and a 10X zoom. It is not one of the very fancy ones, but I am just a point and shoot person anyway, so it does just fine for me. I will be posting more pics very soon, have been out in the garden this morning taking photos before the possibility of big storms tomorrow evening. We want the rain, but not the bad stuff--unfortunately, we seem to have to have both together. Hope you are having a great day. Avedon

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

I notice we are in the same zone Avedon. I am in central Louisiana, where are you? About the bad weather, last week my greenhouse was totally destroyed! But get this the shelves inside which most are plastic were not moved! But the wind picked up the greenhouse with 6 cinder blocks and threw them into the woods. Or smashed would be a better word... well since warm weather is here it's not such a big deal. Noone was hurt so... Thank you for the great day wishes! You have a wonderful day also Avedon! Rena'

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Rena, we are in northeast Texas, close to Arkansas and Louisiana. I would think that you would be somewhat warmer than we are. I was horrified that you lost your greenhouse, but thank goodness, no injuries or worse. We just hold our breaths here during the tornado seasons, and lucky so far, but always afraid the luck will run out someday. I am getting ready to load some pictures into the computer, hope to have a new post out sometime this p.m. Take a look if you have time. Avedon

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