WANTED: mushrooms

signet_gwApril 14, 2009

Anyone out there have what it takes to grow mushrooms and would be willing to share spore and information on how to grow ?

I have wanted to grow mushrooms for forever but havent a clue what I need or need to do.

Looking forward ( hopefully) to hearing from someone who does.


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Hi Signet

I don't have any mushroom spawn but I do have the know how. I used to work in a fungal mycology lab and I have the series of books put out by Paul Stamets which are the best on the topic. Do you know what species you would like to try growing? Would you rather use a prepared bed of woodchips, grass clippings etc. or use some old logs that you could inoculate with plug spawn? There are different methods for different species but using an old stump or log and plug spawn is probably the best method to get a good return of fruiting mushrooms.

If I get my act in gear I could always come to the garden swap and bring a book for you to look at. I have still to get my seedlings started so not much to trade other than Hoya cuttings right now.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fungi perfect and Paul Stamets

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I have shaggy mane mushrooms, mainly in the late summer and fall. Check out the link below. I can give you some starter liquid that is poured on the ground. They are inky cap mushrooms, so the starter is a liquid and they grow well on disturbed ground and wood chips. They are not recommended eating with alcohol, however.

Here are some info links:



Let me know if you are interested.

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