WANTED: Chinese Lanterns

origami_master(5b)April 5, 2008

Preferably plants or runners. I know these can be very invasive, but my aunt uses a lot of stuff for her dried arrangements so I was hoping to grow some for her. I can't get the seeds to grow despite sowing inside, in situ and even wintersowing, so I'm hoping someone might have so plants they can share (or when you're digging them out of your boarder lol) Thanks everyone!

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Hi...I haven't been to this forum in some time, I was just looking around tonight and saw this. I have some chinese lantern but we are still in "winter" here in the Maritimes. If you can remember in a few more weeks to message me and remind me I would be happy to send some plants/runners along if someone can tell me the best way to do so.

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Hi Taigen, thanks so much, I'll email you in a few weeks. Most of the plants I've gotten were sent to me in boxes, most cost about $10 to send but it can get expensive (if I sent all plants in boxes, at $10 each, I would be spending hundreds each year!) you can use a large bubble envelope to send things like clumps of perennials, runners/stolons which haven't started to show colour (still pale from being underground), or the tougher cuttings. I think it's 1.15 for a bubble envelope, of if it's heavier, I believe it's 2.63?

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Hi Origami_master

I will have lots to offer shortly . Id be glad to send you some runners .What might you have to trade? I am just down the road from you ( I am near London Ontario) so should be fairly inexpensive to put in a bubble envelope. Let me know if you are interested


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I don't have any plants to offer, we moved last year in the middle of winter so the ground was frozen when we left. I do have these seeds:
Moonflower vine (half a commercial package)
Canary Bird Vine (Half a commercial package)
clitoria (half a commercial package)
Jelly Palm 2
Yellow Passionfruit
Pregnant onion
Aristolchit littoralis, Dutchman's pipe vine

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Okay origami_master...sounds good to me, I'll wait for your email...and spring!! haha (we got snow on Friday night again!)

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Taigen I know how you feel, I have friends who live in NB and she said one year her last frost was in late June, and she only had a few weeks of growing. You can always move here if you'd like! lol

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