HAVE: have to trade at Newcastle

jools42(z7 WA)April 9, 2008

My list is pretty small but we've all got to start somewhere, right? :)

I have the following to trade:

* Lychnis coronaria - Rose Campion

* Hostas - unknown variety, one solid color leaf one variegated

* Leucanthemen maximum - Shasta Daisy

* euphorbia characias wulfenii - Mediterranean spurge

* Kniphofia - red-hot poker - big clumps!

* Sedum oreganum

* Ribbon grass (?) variegated leaves

* Monarda didyma - Bee Balm, red

* Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety - Wintercreeper

* Centaurea montana - blue cornflower

* Raspberry seedlings

* Potentilla "melton fire"

Seeds - Aquilegia - unknown variety columbine; blue, white, and pink (I can send pics if you'd like to see!)

I am thrilled to receive ANYTHING, really, but here's my want list:

# ornamental allium - any and all

# perennial herbs - any and all... lavenders are super great

# bleeding heart

# coleus

# heuchera

# Diascia

# euphorbia (I already have wulfenii)

# dianthus

# black mondo grass

# japanese blood grass

# most any flowering perennials or plants with variegated, fragrant, or otherwise interesting foliage! :)

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wow, you are so good with the plant names! I am a starter too, just looking at what people have and doing google image searches to see what they are :)) some day my garden will be nice and full I tell myself :)

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Jools, I would like one of your E. wulfenii. Mine isn't doing too well. I just e-mailed you on some plants I have available. LMK if you got it. Karen

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jools42(z7 WA)

Hi Karen -

did not get your email, but again I would love a coralbark maple seedling. :)

My E. wulfenii are huge; I don't know if I should dig one up or take a cutting, or what - let me take a closer look today.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Jools, I sent you another e-mail, I don't know if you got that either. Sometimes spam blockers will kill the e-mails. I can bring you a couple of coral bark maple seedlings for the Euphorbia wulfenii. I would also love any 1 gallon pots that you don't want. I have some peonies and yellow daylilies in pots if you would like some. No trade necessary on those. LMK Karen

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Hello Jools,
I'm interested in your big clums of Kniphofia - red-hot poker. I'm trying to attract goldfinches and I know they like to eat the seeds. I have some heucheras that I started from seed a few years ago that desperately need a home. I also am bringing a variegated plant(yellow/white edges green center, they look yellow to me now, but I think they get whiter during the summer). I can't find the tag, but I think it is a soapwort. It's very showey and has tiny dark red flowers.

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jools42(z7 WA)

I'll bring you a couple clumps in pots, teresa -- I divided a huge one a couple weekends ago and I see that one of the potted clumps looks a little "tired" so I don't know if it will make it this season, so I'll bring a few and you can take a look. Your trades sound fabulous! :)

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