HAVE: for Bonney Lake

treepalm(z8WA)April 2, 2006

I am looking forward to this trade, I'm just catching every cold that's going around. So if it takes me a few days to get back to you, that's the reason. I have at least one of each of these already potted up:

Incense cedar


Rugosa Rose

Ocean Spray

Native crab apple

Pacific Rhododendron

Red Flowering Currant

High bush cranberry

Smooth-leaved Sumac

native blanket flower

native onion (Allium cerunum)

nootka rose

I can dig more of these:

Claylonia pariflora

Alchemilla pectinata

red valerian seedlings-may be pink or white flowering

candelabra primula seedlings from red parent

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I would love to have one of your pacific Rhododendrons, a nootka rose, an ocean spray, and a red flowering currant, and do you mean Claytonia?, but if it is Claylonia, that sounds good too,because I don't have either.

I can offer, bald hip rose, native ginger, smilicina stellata, pink trout lily, dark purple Hydrangea, White Primula kisoana, White Campanula posharskyana 'EHWhite', I have some Penstemon and Tricyrtis, not sure of the names, maybe a Fritillaria, if they come up, or let me know.

PNWJudy--you have my original email, I think, as I prefer to use it.

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Hi Theresa,
If you are up to it I would love another candelabra primula. Hope you get to feeling better. Check my list if there is anything by chance you don't have. (You gave me a lot of it :-))

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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

Teresa, I would love a Pacific Rhody if you have any more available. I'd also love seedlings from your red Primula. I'll consult your "want" list, and we'll talk later.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Teresa, I would love one of your Alchemilla pectinata. Please see my trade list and LMK what I can bring you. Thanks! Karen

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Hi Teresa,
If you have any left. I'd like to trade for your Alchemilla pectinata and red Primula.

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Hi Teresa:
the c.artic queen and h. quercifolia seem to be taking root. Hope they'll look good for the trade,I'll also be bringing your Autume crocus and trillium ovatum. hoping for the pink calendulas and or seeds -seedlings? p.candelabras, any color but yellow or red? sword and deer ferns, alchemilla mollis. See you in May, Thanx Frani.

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OK, everyone, I have you down for everything you asked for. I'm out of Pacific Rhododendren and Nootka rose.

I have 2 service berries and several peach(looks pink to me)pulmonarias to add to the have list.

Frani, I have yellow, red and pink candelabra primulas. The babies come from the red, so don't know what color they may end up.

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Would you be interested in a white primrose and a white Iris Cristata for the red primula and alchemilla?

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Teresa, I was looking at your want list. I have a white flowering pulmonaria, hepatica, native corydalis, clematis'Blue Moon', and colchicums. What would you like for the lady's mantle? LMK Karen

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