Moved some daylilies today.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)April 14, 2012

So what is new. I move daylily plants every spring. I moved four today in spite of the fact that I said last fall I have nothing left to move.

It is just beautiful out today. I decided to move four daylily plants and after that I moved a catmint that was too far forward in an area. I wanted it back more so I put it back more. The daylilies I moved because I decided to fill in the last few empty spots up in my daylily plateau and also want to be planting something different (not daylilies) in the spot they used to be in. I actually had six spots left in the plateu but I just did not like the way they looked empty. I managed to fill five spots with the four plants because I set them further apart than I could have. That left me one spot but the way it is located, it really isn't noticable at all. I am much more please with the finished plateau now than with empty spots. Besides I had to get them filled before fall anyway as I will be planting tulip bulbs around the daylily plants.

Now I have to go out and water my moved plants and then I am done with my garden chores for today.

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Good for you. I still have two to move, and may move another one. It is a bonus from Bill Maryott that I got last spring...the area is full sun, and should be good, but I moved a plant from there in the fall, and it is much happier in its new home. DD will get a couple more plants soon. I will be doing some rearranging in the iris beds too. After bloom time, of course. I pruned the Bridal Wreath spirea heavily, and it looks much better. I am definitely shovel pruning one of the fringe trees. It grows too fast for its space and made the mistake of not blooming well this year. The other one is fine.

Garden always require change, don;t they. Are you exercising your digging muscles yet? You are going to need to do that before fall. I havee lost count at this point.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Kay, I was thinking of you moving daylilies as I was moving mine around today. I still have one more to move that I forgot to do today. It is actually only going to move about a foot or so as it is for some reason compleatly out of line of the daylily row it is growing in. So just needs re-alignment, not really moving off anywere.

I honestly don't know how I will manage all the bulbs I have planned this fall. 2,556 already ordered so far. And lots more planned to order after Scheepers opens for the year.

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Nancy zone 6

I was lazy today & didn't do much. I meant to go get some more tomato plants to replace the ones that froze out, but didn't get that done. Tossed out some poppy, zinnia, & a few other annual seeds. I have several daylilies that really need to be dug up, only because they have weeds growing up in the middle of them. I can't quite understand how the weeds got such a hold on them, didn't see them last fall. Not weeds really, some kind of grass. I am going to try to wait til after they bloom though. Seems like any time I do major division in the spring, I don't get bloom, & these are gonna have to be pried apart. Three different plants, & no where near each other, & have been there for a few years. Need division anyway, but just how did that grass get in there!

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It was raining lightly for most of the day today so all I could do was plot garden plans. I've been trying to figure out how I got Queen Fabiola bulbs through out the yard and in the middle of daylilies. I keep digging them up all over. I only planted them in one place!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Always some weeds coming up somewhere unwanted. Or plants that seem to mysteriously move around the garden.

I have one more daylily to move tomorrow as I forgot to do it today. It is not getting moved far, only less than a foot. But for some reason it is way over and compleatly out of line with the daylilies in the rest of it's row. Very strange. Oh well, I will just fix it.

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