HAVE: What happened to all the traders that used to be here??

nomadh(10-11/so cal)May 20, 2013

A few years ago this place was hopping. There were 15 or 20 new threads a day and a few dozen responses. New it looks to be a few dozen all spring? I know water gardening isn't the hot topic it was a few years ago but this is shocking. Is there a new forum that everyone went to?

I was hoping someone would be interested in mini or dwarf papyrus, banded bull rush, corkscrew rush or a black taro. Looking for waterlilies hopefully tropicals specifically islemorada or maybe arc en ciel. Open to lots of possibilities.

Hopefully the action will pick up here.

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I was wondering the same thing you are. I would see new post all the time. I have water lilies but I have no idea how to divide them. If you can tell me how I would love to trade for your dwarf papyrus. I'm new to water gardening and my pond is small so I don't have much to trade. Does the black taro get very big?

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I have a few water lilies I could trade

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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

Great to see someone here. Maz, The taro can get big but mine is still small with a few runners.
The dwarf papyrus is a possibility too but im looking to trade that for a warerlily i dont have yet.
How i got started was i bought a few nice lilies that also made lots of pups so i could trade.
Brandy, what do you got?

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well to tell ya the truth i do not know I have white and i have pink...couldnt tell you which is which until they bloom i am new to all this i also have new water lotus starts that i am growing but i do not know what color they are...either ink or purple..will have water lettuce and water hyacinth once it spreads and also parrot feather

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I now have water lotus starts red,purple,yellow and orange growing from seeds in my window

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