Spring has sprung in my garden...

trailrunnerbikerApril 1, 2011

I have been missing in action on this forum . There are lots of reasons but first and foremost has been my inability to get my garden to grow. Tree roots have continued to stymie my progress. Perennials planted 3 yrs ago have dwindled and others have succeeded.

I finally realized that you have to plant what will grow not necessarily only what you want to plant. I wrapped my mind around that concept and realized that the two can work together and that I needed to learn more about my soil and site .

I moved a lot of plants and I propagated sedums all this past winter. The result isn't complete by any means but boy do I finally feel like a gardener.

Purple is the standout in my garden. I have embraced it in all its forms and have lots of plans for more. I am going to do all raised plant beds in the area in the back....but with a twist. I haven't got it all sorted out yet but when I do I will post pics .

I have to thank you all for posting your information and help over the years. You have all been so supportive and encouraged me when I was feeing really inadequate. What I didn't understand was that I needed to find the garden in me. I now feel like it is ready to grow and bloom and I am so pleased. I have turned the corner...I am a gardener. Thank you. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring slideshow 2011

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Spring is lovely in your gardens! All those azaleas look like they were painted in, they're so bright! Love the purple table and chairs, and the wire rockers / plant holders. You have transformed your yard, it's so vibrant now!

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Everything is looking really good Your azaleas are gorgeous!

And with you house, the color and all is so nice! I always do a little bit of zone jumping, but mainly stick to what works. For gardens, I guess we always want more, but you've done a really nice job, and puple rules!!

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ripley529(z7a IL)

Very pretty and congrats on turning the corner :) I love to see the pics everyone posts, keep it up!

I sometimes feel like I'm a 'plunker' more than a gardener. You know, just plunk stuff down here and there, but I am working on that too, lol

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bev2009(6 IN)

Everything is beautiful. You look at a true gardener to me!

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It all looks lovely, and I can just feel that sun shining.

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Thank you !!

gottagarden : your gardens and color themes always leave me in awe. The rockers are really old metal. They were found by my neighbor and he let me have them . I primed and painted them. I love them !!

kay : your gardens are also simply breathtaking. I am learning as I go but really think that I have turned the corner as far as what I can grow.

ripley I tend to be a plunker too but I am forcing myself to change !!!

bev: that is very kind. I feel like I am too :)

schoolhouse: I am waiting to see that beadboard finished ! Your gardens are just amazing. I hope this is the last of the snow for you. c

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Sounds (and looks like) you've hit your garden groove! Nice job. Everything looks great. I do love those wire rockers and I really like the style of your house. Such a beautiful front porch edged with the azaleas.

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My goodness, its all beautiful. Those azaleas are to die for. I love them!! Your home and gardens are both beautiful. I would definitely call you a gardener. I used to be a plunker too and like you am forcing myself to think more before digging that hole. I used to spend so much time moving things around and frankly just got tired of having to re-dig so I make myself think, think, think before I dig now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and gardens!! Take care, Judy

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thyme2dig: thank you ! Our home was built in 1890. We have been it in for 9 yrs and I am just now finally getting the gardens to look like I want them. I used to beat myself up about the time and money I have wasted but at least I learned something from it all. I think of it as tuition now :) Your gardens are always one of my most favorite.

Judy thank you for the kind words. I would love to have the space you have but would never be able to do it justice the way you have. I look forward to everyone's future posts. c

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I see you added petunias to the chair bed. Lookin' good. How many bottle trees do you have? The mirrored windows are new too, aren't they?

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lovely presentation of your spring garden in your slideshow.

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hey natal, yes I added petunias to the chair bed. DH will train the sweet potato and the wandering jew up and around the chairs while I am gone in May and June and 1/2 of July. He has a lot of responsibility ! I have had the mirrored windows for a couple years but haven't put them out. Now I have 2 more to do . Need to find/make shutters and add a shelf below for plants and " stuff". Need to find a place to hang 2 more also.

I have 2 areas of blue bottles. They are on rebar. I would love a real tree but haven't found one I can afford or replicate ...yet . Still looking. Thank you for looking :) Your garden ALWAYS makes me smile.

Rita your garden is amazing !! Your roses inspired me ....well mine all have the same shiny green foliage this year and there are too many buds to count on all of them. I think it is the huge amount of bone meal. They are amazing. I wish DH hadn't lost the tags for a bunch of them ....sigh...will need you guys to identify as they all bloom. The clemmies are just a few days away from bursting into bloom. c

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I love the house! I think you've got the front perfect for the house. I of course love the back furniture and all you have also done back there. It's frustrating isn't it, to live in a place where English style gardens don't come easy in the land of baked August clays and shallow tree roots.
I love what you have accomplished. It's all a learning process.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Wow, wow, wow. You found your 'mojo'!!! So glad. Gardens are like cats - they will do what pleases them, and if you let them do that, they will please you. And, of course, the rest of us. lol. There are so many different sedums, to create colour and texture. Glad to 'see' you here.


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Those pictures are just what I needed on this cold and dreary day. I love the spring and the azalea looks especially good. Beautiful house too! Regina

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Very pretty - it's always better to work with nature. Glad you are enjoying being a gardener!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I guess I didn't hit the submit button, oh well what's new LOL.
Good to 'see' you back C, you've been missed. As always your Azaleas are breathtakingly beautiful. You're to hard on yourself, when I think of what you have accomplished in the past couple of years, it's lookin good :).


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ggg: you have such a wonderful garden at your place. I look forward to all your pics. My roses are my pride and joy ! The ones that I got from Texas have really outdone themselves this year. They have 1000's of buds as do my clemmies. I look forward to posting lots more pics of them.

Thank you Nancy, I do feel that I now know what I can do and what I can't. It is so much more fun now. Your gardens are always such a joy to see.

regina glad to brighten your day. I bet you are tired of winter. I look forward to your gorgeous Spring and Summer pics.

luckygal : thank you ! I am enjoying myself and best I have so many plans that I know I can accomplish now.

Annette I know I am . I am glad to be able to relax and play with this now. The bed by the carport is so full that I have no where else to plant roses but I am going to love what I have and do something really amazing in the back garden for raised beds. Everyone is going to be so surprised :) me too LOL. c

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Love your house and gardens. It looks like your entire neighborhood is lovely old homes. Everything looks so "old south".

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