Picea abies 'Gem'

dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)June 10, 2009

Coniferjoy...the reply from Iseli...

Hello David,

Picea abies 'Gem' - from our newest catalog - just released last week.

Globe Shaped Zone 3 Dwarf Green

This new Iseli introduction, a witch's broom from Picea abies 'Nidiformis', combines the easy care and durability of its parent with the tiny needles and tight form of a miniature. The plant's growth rate and ultimate size fit neatly between the faster, larger 'Nidiformis' and the very slow, very small 'Little Gem'. Perfect for today's small gardens, this treasure will maintain its tidy, restrained form over the long term.

This plant was found by one of our employees here on the nursery. This is a very new cultivar in the market place - the first plants were shipped out last fall.

You can download our new catalog from our site www.iselinursery.com. Enjoy, it is bigger and better than ever.

I have passed on your information on 'minima wells', thanks for sharing. It's hard to keep up in the world of names.

If you are ever in the Portland area, we welcome interested parties to the nursery for garden tours. We are here 8-4:30 M-F. I do recommend calling first.

Kind regards,

Barbara Otto

Iseli Nursery

Beginning to 2nd flush.

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bluespruce53(Dorset UK)

Hi Dave, have to agree with Edwin on this one, a really poor choice of name, and may even be illegitimate, will certainly cause confusion in the future with 'Little Gem', and with all due respect to Iseli, I would have thought that they would know better.

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Thanks for this info and indeed as mentioned before it's a poor choice of name.
I presume that these pictures are yours, can I use these for the Dutch Conifer Society database?

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

coniferjoy...yes these are my photos and you can use them.

I have both 'Gem and 'Little Gem'. When doing a comparison between the two both have different growing habits.

What constitutes a poor choice of names. I could see 'Little Gem Jr' a week choice. I don't know that's why I am asking.

I am enclosing a better close up photo of the foilage.



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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Thanks for using your photo's.
The problem is not the growing habit which are differend but the name Iseli choose for it.
This name 'Gem' is almost the same as 'Little Gem' which could give another mixed up situation.

I also think that this 'Gem' do have the same habit as 'Goblin' which is also found as a witches'broom on a 'Nidiformis' by Herman Geers from Boskoop, Holland.
Picea abies 'Goblin'

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Coniferjoy...it does look similar.

The color on mine appears to be a darker green but that could be a photography issue.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Wait until after the name of my mother 'Sherrie' gets passed around a few times for the Picea abies I named after her. It's like that damn 'Edit'/Edit'. I have to disagree boldy with Stephen and you on this one for the simple answer to Dave's question that to me 'Gem' is so far apart from 'Little Gem' well, now I can't say that. It's just I am needing to vent a little... I'm going crazy actually over all these naming things. Thankfully Rich Eyre called me out of the blue a week or so ago and told me to 'take with humility all that is going on at Garden Web right now'. I have to say honestly right now that I can finally breathe again. Iseli seems to say the same thing. It's a lot for me I guess. Still with all regards to everyone here.



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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

I can't wait to see your 'Sherrie', can you show us a picture of this plant?

When it comes to 'Gem' and 'Little Gem' which are in your opinion far apart is the quiestion here if Iseli could chosen another name to AVOID nameproblems.
Because they have such a big name worldwide and are familiar with conifernames, they should have chosen another name...

Recently information directly received from Iseli by Henk is:
This selection is found in 1992 as a witches'broom on a 'Nidiformis' and was first named 'Nidiformis WB #2'.
They propagated quite a few plants a named it a couple of years ago 'Iseli Gem'.
Last year their production planning group lost interest and felt it was not really worth attaching the name Iseli so the name was changed again, this time shortened to 'Gem'.
They still have plants to sell but discontinued future propagation...

I'm glad you can finaly breath again but I have to say honestly if you want to run the ACS database that you have to face these facts about conifer names.
Don't worry to much about these, you have enough friends here which will help you to bring all to a good end!
For instance I give you info again about this plant which you can use.

Dave, the 'Goblin' at my Pinetum is indeed a lighter green but this is just the first flush growth which is still a fresh green.
When the second flush will start the needles of the first flush are also as dark green as the 'Gem'.

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I have a chance to purchase a Gem. I can't find much info on it. How has this issue progressed?

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