WANTED: Ideas!!!

BoggsR22(z6 Tn)May 23, 2006

Hello... I got my barrell filled yesterday, It looks good. I bought a water lilly off a lady that said she needed rid of them, but as I was reading some of the posts last night, they said i needed minature water lillies! And also, should i plant some cattails, palm corkscrew rush and things like that all in the same container for the barrell? I'm new to this and trying to figure things out.

If anyone has any duck weed (small floaters like that), or a water hyacinth (spelling). I will be having some daylillies, and I do have a couple of yard iris. Thanks Gina

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Hi Gina. You do need a miniature or a small lily for your barrell. although a medium sized plant will grow in it. The leaves would then hang over the sides and dry out. I have several barrells with lilies of all sizes, and that is what happens when the plants get too big. With one lily you can trim the leaves back, however.
If you put duckweed, azolla, water fern, etc. into your barrell it will cover the surface and may not give the look you want. I have all three, but they cannot be shipped to all states. They can be shipped to TN, however, I live there also.
I will send you some barrel pics on private email for you to see if you want to add marginals (cattails, rush, etc) to your barrell.
Happy ponding!

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BoggsR22(z6 Tn)

Please do send me pics.... twnkletoes101@aol.com. Any help would be wonderful. I bought water palm last year, but I can't seem to get it to "come back out". Me and my plants... LOL Thanks Bunches:) Gina

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