HAVE: Hardy Ferns & Hostas for Oxygenators, Water Lettuce or

flowerbugnd1(3b N.D.)May 10, 2007

Parrot's Feather.

I believe the ferns are Ostrich ferns. I have all types of Hostas, most are named but the tags are missing now.

I need oxygenators, water lettuce, parrots feather, elephants ear & umbrella palm.

I already have lots of Hardy lilies.

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xjaxx(z7-8 SC)

I can send you a nice selection of Parrot Feather, Water Lettuce either solid green or Variegated, Umbrella Palm, and a Dwarf EE that propagates by runners and is excellent in pond or on ground. Let me know size of your pond or amount of each item you need and a list of Osterich Fern and Hostas for an equitable trade. Thanks Xjaxx Jack jatoni@sc.rr.com

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I have tons of oxygenators, I am cleaning out my pond and would love to trade for anything you have. Thanks Kathy

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kiddo(8 Tx)

I have anacharis if you still need some

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