HAVE: buttered popcorn, pink flamingo water celery, much more

Doc_7(5B WC Illinois)May 24, 2005


I have the following to trade:

Buttered Popcorn

'Pink Flamingo' Water Celery

Horsetail Rush

Ribbon Grass

Water Butter cups

Bog Bean

Blue Pickerel weed

Variegated Bamboo

Golden Creeping Jenny

Hardy Umbrella Palm

Looking for a good trade of Water Poppy and Salvinia.

You don't have to have both. If you can trade a large amount of water poppy, I am sure we can work something out. Also, I am looking for an Indiana water lily.

If you have anything that I am looking for please e-mail me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking,


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lward824(z5 CT)

I am starting a water garden of my own with a natural pond on the property. What are the nicest plants to grow? You have so many things. Would you consider just selling them? How would they ship, though? Leah

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Doc_7(5B WC Illinois)

We built ours so I'm not to sure what people put in a natural pond. You do have to put plants in your pond according to the size of the pond. Lilies are wonderful to have and come in a varity of colors. If there are ledges in the pond there are many Marginals to chose from. Water lilies, Babmboos, Water Celery, Rushes, Cattail, Buttercup, Buttered Popcorn,etc... Then for floaters Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce are wonderful.
You ask if we could sell. It is in the rules of this forum not to sell through the forum. Hope this will help you.

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Would love to trade for your celery. I'm trading garden flags, long burning, votives in little glass flowerpots in floral, fruit or food scents or potpourri. Would you be interested in any of these ??

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kcdupree(Z8 TX)

I have lots of water poppy, if you want to trade.

Email me and we can work the trade. What is Buttered Popcorn?


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Hi! I'm interested in several of those plants, do I have anything you'd be willing to trade for? Or do postage?? LMK, thanks!


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I have a perry D. Slocum if you don't have one yet. I would love to have a few things from your list. thanks, grannylee

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Doc_7(5B WC Illinois)

Hi Grannylee, I do not have the Perry D. Slocum yet and would be interested in trading with you. Let me know what you want from my list, Doc_7

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