WANTED: Egyptian papyrus plants

clastic(Texas)May 8, 2005

Please contact me and we can work out some suitable trade. I am looking for the tall original papyrus...not the dwarf variety

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I have some, what do you have to trade?

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My main trade plants are a fine bright yellow hardy dayblooming water lily...name unknown...a quite large plant or divisions. The water lily is setting buds already and the largest plant is in bloom. Otherwise I have a nice bunch of divisions of the Pickerel Weed Pickerel Rush (Pontederia cordata).

Are you interested in any of these...I hope (smile).

Also, tell me about your papyrus, please.

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Could either of you tell me if papyrus is a annual,or what? I grew it from seed over a yr ago and it died off in fall & never came back. I bought the seeds from Whatcom Seed Co. I have some beautiful pink lilies that are taking over my pond. Love to trade some (??)

Here is a link that might be useful: Whatcom seeds

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Oh yeah, when you get to the site, click on CYPERUS papyrus-- alphabetically.

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Sorry 'Lady' but you never answered me and I found some great plants locally for very little money.

And as for the question for Patty in Wisc, even though it is a sedge, Papyrus is very frost tender. I am sure it just froze...alas

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I planted some of these seeds a few weeks ago, purchased from Whatcom/Seedrack. Can anyone tell me how long these normally take to germinate?

I have a section of my courtyard garden, near a corner wall, which is fairly constantly wet due to the natural topography, and would love to fill that section in with a unique, moisture loving plant like Papyrus (and Cobra Lily if it ever germinates)...

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