HAVE: South Seattle Plant Trade May 7th

sam_wa(7b/8a)April 11, 2011

Howdy- we are hosting a plant trade at our house on May 7th from noon-3pm. Turns out, Kubota Garden is also having their plant sale that day (they're just down the street from us). Definitely recommend checking it out! A few plants I've got to trade that come to mind:

Sedum 'Angelina'

various Sempervivum

Golden or Green Scotch Moss

Fragaria chiloensis/Sand Strawberry

Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal' Switch Grass

Wooly Thyme

Tradescantia 'Concord Grape'

Email me for directions/RSVP. Hope you can make it!

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Oh yeah, and of course if you don't have much in the way of plants to trade, cookies or other baked goods are a fine substitute. Pre-arranged trades are swell, as is just showing up with your goodies.

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I am interested in coming to the trade if you could e-mail me your address. I am also interested in your Heavy metal switch grass, angelina sedum and moonbeam coreopsis if they are available. Please look at my trade list for anything that interest you.
Thank You,
I also live in South Seattle and I pass by Kubota gardens often.

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Hi Tita- glad you can make it! Email sent.

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Hello Sam WA,
I was wondering where your trade will be? I want to go to plant sales that morning, but would also like to try to make your trade, if I can.

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Hi Teresa, we are just up the street from kubota gardens in south seattle, I'll email you the exact address. Just potted up a bunch of Iris foetidissima and Knifophia. Should be fun!


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I'd love to come trade and see your garden.
I hope I can finish plant shopping at the Master Gardener sale and then Kubota in time to get to your place.

Do you want the emails of some of the old timers/traders from the past?
PNWJudy / now plantknitter

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Address? Might be able to attend. Anything in particular you're looking for?


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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

Sounds like a good time. Regrets that I can't attend.

FYI the Victory Garden Veggie Swap is Saturday, June 4, 10 AM to Noon at Holy Cross in Redmond.


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Thanks to all who came out! I hope to do a bigger, better one next year-until then, Happy gardening! Cheers, Sam

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