HAVE: tomatoes for Brinnon

treepalm(z8WA)April 9, 2005

They are small seedlings, but I will be potting them up in a couple days.

Sun Gold


Yellow Pear



Oregon Spring

Quick Pick

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Hiya Teresa
Are any of your tomatoes cherry tomatoes? If you have any left I'd like one cherry variety. By the way, I made up a wreath of sorts with the frame you gave me. I will have to take a picture of it to show you. I still need more sedums/succulents to fill it in but its pretty with a real woodsy look. Thank you again for your generosity.

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Hello Susan,
Sungold, Juliet and yellow pear are cherry type tomatoes. Take your pick!
Your welcome! I can't wait to see the picture.

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Hi Teresa,
Jerome and I would love to try a pot or two of your Sungold, Juliet and Yellow pear.
Thanks, Elaine

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Hiya Teresa,

Here is a pic of the Wreath. That's a little resurrection fern that I "stole" from my Dad's garden back in Louisiana in the tiny wreath in the center. It's been shriveled and black since I brought it out here in February, but it did what it is supposed to and came back to life when I put it outside and it got some rain. I had its feet wet here in the house, but that wasn't enough to make it green. Its leaves have to be consistenly wet for a period of time before it will wake up. The rain has plumped out the sedums in the big wreath too! I need to collect more to fill it in, but its a good start. Thanks so much. As far as the tomatoes go either Sungold or Juliet, whichever you have available after your trades.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sedum Wreath

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I love the picture of the wreath. Now I will just have to get mine done! Nothing like a little inspiration. I've never heard of a resurrection fern.

I put you down for both a sungold and a juliet. I started 30 sungold, so I should have plenty.

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Thanks Teresa!
Once the fern gets established I will give you some.

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