wanted: have: floaters for trade.

watergarden2006May 30, 2006

I have water lettuce and water hyacinth, willing to trade for musa basjoo banana, vivax bamboo, or maybe some other interesting offer.

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marcella(z5 W.VA.)

Hi I would like to trade for your pond plants check my list,and let me know or ask and i might have what you are looking for i haven"t put everything on my list yet Thanks Marcella

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I don't have any of the plants you have listed as wanted, but I have Canna "President", named hostas, named sedums, various perennials. I would LOVE some water hyacinths! JLMK if you are interested.
Thanks, Tina

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If you have any water hyacinth left, I would love to trade for a few. I lost mine over the winter. Please check my list and see if there's anything you might like.
Thanks and have a great day,

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Hi, I have some purple water Iris I could trade for some of your water hyacinth.I have just started a pond so I don't have many different kinds of plants. PLease let me know.

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sculpt4joy(z5 NH)

I have water celery, spearmint, chocolate mint, siberian iris, green and white hosta, and lots of purple pickerel and native yellow waterlilly (round, bulb-like flower). Would you have enough baby hyacinths to stuff a gallon ziplock bag full, and do you see what you would like to trade for them among the things I have? Also, my backyard is full of ferns if you like them.

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sculpt4joy(z5 NH)

adding to the above, I also have pink hardy geranium, purple spiderwort,lilly of the valley, and a yellow creeping seedum that is flowering now...

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