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greener1974(Seattle, WA z8/Sunset 5)April 19, 2010

I have "inherited" several small evergreen shrubs, all about 2ft tall and wide. I am thinking of coming to the Oly trade, but would rather swap with someone in Seattle if that's possible.

"Silver King" Euonymus (X3)

Choisya ternata (x5)

I also have several hostas that I don't want, not sure of the exact variety but some are starting to leaf out, so I can send pics if interested.

Also 2 heucheras, possibly palace purple, but I'm not sure. The leaves are a dark plum purple year round. New leaves look a bit brighter than the old ones though.

Have some bright chartreuse evergreen grasses all fairly small (6in tall by 4 in wide?)

Can send pics of any of these.

For trade I am interested in rosemary plants or large divisions of Rosemary, hardy fuschias(magellanica?), large evergreen ferns (P. munitum or Blechnum spicant),

groundcovers (sweet woodruff, creeping jenny),

native honeysuckle (lonicera ciliosa) and maybe other native plants.

AND snap pea or snow pea plants (none of mine sprouted!)

Happy Gardening,


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Send me an email & we can work something out as I am closer to Seattle.


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