OT William Shakespear 2000

organic_kitten(8)April 9, 2012

Since he is just a year old, he should be great in a couple of years...I am pleased with him now.

I think he likes the little fence since he is claiming so much of it.


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Love the color and shape--hope it continues to thrive. This is a David Austin, right? Avedon

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

What a gorgeous rose. When I read your heading I thought you were getting all literary on us LOL.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well, I posted a reply earlier, but dont see it now.That rose is very pretty, but most of the Austins ARE.I dont have that one, but I have a rose that looks a lot like it, called Maggie. ITs not a Austin. I love that little fence too.


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Avedon, it is an Austin, and growing better than I thought it would this quickly. Funny Val.

Jean, it is a pretty rose, and it is similar to Maggie. This is the first bloom on my little Maggie bush

Thank you all for looking and commenting on the bard's namesake.

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The Austins are all just incredible. None in my own landscape yet, but this year for sure. My favorite red at the moment (yet to bloom but getting there) is Home Run. I'm not a huge fan of the knockouts, Home Run though? Yes. Petal count is prehistoric, I consider it masculine. Nearly as brilliant a red but much more miniscule and likely shorter lived due to fragility. Shakespeare looks like a happy speciman, I'll keep note when I speak to my local rose specialist.

You do just have to love the petal count and form. I'm slowly becoming a rose fan. It's worth thinning the iris population down to the keepers. More bloom time between the daylilies, before and beyond.

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OOOh, really nice one, Kay! I also really like the color/look of that entire fence and trellis- it's going to look smashing with all the roses blooming for years to come :)

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Julia NY(6)

Love the red!


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Great looking blooms I love the way you have him set up along the fence, he will be spectacular when he fills out.

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The rose bloom is spectacular. Even more charming, though is the entire idyllic scene, including the graceful tree, the little cottage like shed, the wrought iron fence. It made me smile, an inarguable guage of appeal.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Patgardener, I Have HOME RUN myself and althought it is a simple flower, I do love it. Fantastic shade of red and blooms a lot.

Kay, I Have to agree with anniegolden that the fence, shed and roses just all look fantastic together. Great planning as usual to make your garden even more and more lovely. As far as WS2000 itself, it sure is a lovely, lovely rose. I had one for 2 years doing well but I had to dig and toss it year three as it suddenly showed a bad case of RMV and just stopped blooming so I shovel prunned. I always ment to get another but just have not done so.

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Cindy zone 6a

Love it, and the way it took over the fence!!

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Thank you for all of your comments an d for looking at thenew kid on my block. I am obviously tickled by the growth in this year since I planted him. He seems happy on the fence. Pat, they don't require any more work from me that iris...in fact, less.

Thanks CTC. It was an inexpensive fence that I painted and installed myself, and it is doing just what I wanted it to do.

Thanks Julia. He has a beautiful, large bloom. I hope he fills out well, Linda.

Thank you Christine and Rita. Rita, you know that garden is my baby, and I am constantly twitching it...just like someone else I know.

Thanks Cindy. You see my matching obelisk is now in the rose garden.

I am having so much fun with the roses.

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