WANTED: Pond Plants

deeter(5)May 22, 2013

I have just put in a large tractor tire pond with small waterfalls and stream going in to the pond. I'm looking for plants that do well in this type of moving water for my pond. I do plan to have a few small fish in the pond, but will not be koi or large fish.

I would like a couple of different colors of small or miniature water lily if any available that are hardy. Also want marginals and floaters. What do you have to offer?

If possible I would like to make a trade with someone who can trade a variety of plants for my little pond. But will consider all offers.

I have these iris I can trade in return:

Thornbird (TB)
Golden Russet (TB)
Dynamite (TB)
Pink Confetti (TB)
Boogie Man (TB)
Dawn of Change (TB)
Gibson Girl (TB)
Cherub's Smile (TB)
Street Walker (TB)
Champagne Girl (TB)
Cat's Whisker's (IB)
Quote (SDB)
Little Black Belt (SDB )
Unknown Blue (TB)
Unknown Yellow (TB)

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