WANTED: victoria lillys ( amazoncia lilly) gaint waterlilly

mike92117May 26, 2007

Hello, I'm a water gardener in San Diego in need of some Victoria Lillys. I have lots... of aquatic plants to trade, and any lead would be much appreciated.

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Don't have the victoria, but do have the eurayale ferox
(gorgon), which is a "cousin" to the victoria. These
are baby plants, which is really only way they can be
shipped satisfactorily. If interested, please e-mail me
at fernlady1559@aol.com Marie

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I have been searching for months for these. I found a guy on e-bay selling seeds, but no one selling tubers. I didn't buy any seeds because I've heard they are very difficult to germinate.

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Hi Mike, I'm also in San Diego (North County). I'll be diving my lotuses and lilies end of this season. E-mail me if you're interested in exchanging plants locally. I have lots of parrot feathers, water hyacinths and even baby kois.

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