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genes(Zone6 NS Canada)April 25, 2012

I am sure that I am in the same boat as many of you..over the last couple of years we have accumulated quite a few daylilies..each plant in each bed is identified with a plant marker, but sometimes they inadvertently get pulled out by fall/spring raking and not noticed. and sometimes when this happens, trying to remember what plant was there, is often difficult..I do have software which has the plant data (Plantstep) and it gives a very general location of each plant..I would like to find some free software which I could use to map out each bed and have room to put the location and name of each daylily in that bed..what do you people use???



(oh yes, we are members of AHS (Zone4) and our local club is(Nova Scotia Daylily Society

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I have been drawing maps on paper and redoing them every time anything changes significantly.

I also have a spreadsheet that lists the general location of each plant.


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genes(Zone6 NS Canada)

Thanks Nate....I too have software which has a general location built in (Plantstep)..check it out if you havent, excellent program and very reasonable...I was trying to get rid of the paper idea and have it all in the puter...I also have a spreadsheet that I still use from pre Plantstep days..(Excel)

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Also use Excel.

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I use Microsfot Publisher to make maps of my garden. I use the banner setting for some big ones. It works pretty well. I import photos of each daylily or other plants and then put a text box with the name and other info underneath. It is easy to update when I make changes. For example if I am replacing some daylilies with new ones I just drag the old photo and text box up to the top or bottom and then put in the new one. I can move them around once imported. I usually experiment with the new ones I have ordered putting them into an existing plan or starting a new one for a new flower bed.
I can also print these off although they may take several pages depending on how much of the banner you used. I often do this though and tape the pages together. It gives me something to take out in the garden when I am thinking or looking for something that might have gone missing.

A few years ago my daughter did garden maps for her employer using excell. I think they had downloaded some program on top of excell. Each cell was a box and she entered a plant in each box to make a map. You could click on the cell and it would go to an info page for that plant such as how many they had of it for example.

I have been meaning to ask them how they did it but have never gotten around to it. I have been happy with my publisher maps.

I do look after a rural cemetery that has 2 large old maps that are starting to crumble and I have often thought the excell maps would be good so I could enter all of the info I have about a plot and its holder and be able to link to that page when I click on the plot. It would be good to have it saved somewhere other than on these 2 maps which are going to crumble some day!

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