WANTED: Wanted Watercress for postage

ohiopond4meMay 3, 2009

I live in a very rural area, and have been to every grocery store with in reasonable driving distance,,,an can find no watercress, was wondering if anyone would grab me a handful out of there pond, and I will gladly pay postage, dont have much to offer from my pond, as I only have 2 lilies, and nothing much overwinters here, so I have to buy new every year,,let me know if you can help,,thanks steph

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how much do you want?
it grows wild in the creek that runs through my yard.....

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I would love some watercress also. I can pay postage but I really don't have anything to exchange. Let me know.

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I would also be interested in some watercress. The local stores here don't carry it. I can pay postage - my pond is pretty bare and I need to add some cover. Thanks.

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