HAVE: 5 More Albert DeLestang Corms

lucasdaldersonMay 22, 2005

I recently posted a message to trade Albert DeLestang corms. This is an update message. I started out with 10 corms to trade and now am down to five. If you would like to trade me for this lily then email me at lucasdalderson@yahoo.com or post a follow up message to this posting. I am mainly wanting to trade for tropicals but if may make exceptions for exceptional hardies!!! Thank you for your interest.

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P.S. - In case you haven't read the first message, Albert DeLestang is a very nice lily. Large white flowers are produced quite freely and stand up to 2 feet out of the water. On the first few days of blooming, Albert is blue and then fades to white. Albert is an austrailain lily but does not grow as large as some of the other aussies so it can be easily accomidated in nearly any size pond. Thank you.

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Your white lily sounds great! I have a very nice pink lily & if you like palm trees...I have those to exchange too. Would LOVE just one of your white lily plants..I'll give you 3 of mine LOL. I paid $30.00 for one corm the size of half my baby finger & they are so pretty they look fake..Taking over my pond. I could also trade a water Iris (purple or yellow?) &nland plants. Looking FWD to hearing from you. Have you had many offers for trade?? Would really love one of your white lilies! Thanks

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