WANTED: floaters & oxygenators: have flowers & veggies

cai7lin(Zone 4 BRRRR)May 31, 2005

Hi green thumbers, I just can't deal with feebay this year to repopulate my pond buckets, and my one resident frog is sitting on the sinking dead hyacinths from last year and looking very dejected. :)

I'm looking for water hyacinth or water lettuce or frogbit

and duckweed / azolla. They're my favorites. I could also go for some anacharis or something else to sit in the bottom and make oxygen.

I have all sorts of stuff that grows wild if you want it, as well as possible splits of stuff I paid for or veggies I started myself.

Growing wild in my yard (zone 4):

  • Creeping Jenny - creeps, yellow flowers, likes wet edges (ten bucks + shipping for six stem pieces of this stuff on ebay. I'm weeding it out of my garden. *come on* :) )

  • unknown spikey water grass that likes very wet areas
  • buttercups
  • little white yard violets
  • loads of sedum, blooms yellow & goes for 8 bucks a plant in nurseries
  • yarrow - but I don't recommend it
  • maroon trillium
  • trout lily - delicate mottled leaves w yellow flowers, woodland flower, but mostly passed now. They're tiny little bulbs.
  • wild strawberries
  • oregano (OK I planted it but it's going wild)
  • regular old invasive mint, at least 3 kinds
  • wild ferns from my wooded hillside

Stuff I planted:

  • Strawberries - these are going to get weeded out since I have too many volunteers. I can't remember the variety but they are medium sized (I have them in part shade - they may be bigger with more sun) and very tasty.

  • I started 13 kinds of tomato this year that I could spare a plant or two from each variety. They are all getting leggy (a foot tall) and would need to be planted out (after hardening off) asap, or I could harden off first & then ship.


  • burpee better boy, (I have at least 8 extra of these)

  • burpee big boy (I have at least 8 extra of these)
  • red zebra
  • green zebra
  • jaunne flamee
  • lemon boy
  • first lady 2
  • health kick
  • carnival
  • buck's county
  • siberian (sets fruit in 38 degrees!)
  • mortgage lifter
  • supersweet
  • peppers: medusa, hybrid red, goliath griller, beaver dam
  • eggplant hybrid twilight
  • catnip
  • various dianthus - I bought too many. (carnations)

Plus more stuff I can't remember right now.

Please help me repopulate my 4 little pond buckets that are so much nicer green than brown and slimey like now.

Thanks! :)


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I can send you a box of floaters

I am intersted in your Maroon Trilliums, Trout Lilies, and Ferns

Please tell me about youir Eggplant and Pepper varieties

Here is a link that might be useful: Exchange page

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