wanted: any water plants

ncgardengirlJune 12, 2005

I had a LARGE bird to get into my very small pond, it ate over 20 large gold fish and destoryed my plants in the process by knocking them over and digging(?)in them (I suppose this is what happened, my plants are gone nothing but dirt left behind) I would love to replace them for anything really but I am looking for:

variegated water celery

lizards tail


Bog Lily

would love some Frog bit and water lettuce

I am really looking for ANYTHING, other than cat-tails, I have those left they where not in the pond.

*Since my plants where destoryed all I have to offer are a couple of Attraction water lilies or White Albida lily, or just postage. (***I have ONE Sacred Water Lotus***just one to trade) These plants where all in their own containers away from the pond, thank goodness.

ERRRR those big birds, not sure what kind it was, it was bluish looking and at least 2.5 ft tall with a long bill. Anyone know what it was? It is finally gone now, with my fish eaten it's meal is finished....it came back everyday until they were all gone, no matter what I did it still got to my fish!!! Anyway, thanks for looking and thanks to anyone willing to help me out...

Thanks for looking at my post as well, NCGardengirl

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xjaxx(z7-8 SC)

You have mail Xjaxx Jack

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