WANTED: Sabrina, Jools, and Pixydish

treepalm(z8WA)April 19, 2008

Hello Sabrina, Jool's, and Pixydish.

The real name of the variegated plant that I labelled soapwort, is FIGWORT. I knew it had wort in it, because I always seem to like plants with the word wort at the end!


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LOL! I was just laughing about that when I saw your post. I do that kind of thing all the time so I'm glad I'm not alone. Not to worry, I know that plant and it's a stunner. The clump I have is small and I was wanting to get more to make a bit more of an impact, so yours is perfect. Thanks!

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Also known as scrophularia variegata.

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jools42(z7 WA)

Ha! Well thanks - it is beautiful regardless of its name - can't wait to see it grow! :)

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The bees love it. It's supposed to be a bog plant, but I grow mine in the sun and it dries out and it doesn't skip a beat. It grow tall, so you'll want to stake it. The tiny blossoms aren't remarkable, but they last for a couple of months and are covered with bees.

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Thanks Kellie, I will get a tag back on it. I bet I don't forget again!

Jitterbug, I have mine in full sun, and it does great, too. My neighbor with bees has already requested one.

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