HAVE: Have for the Olympia trade

garden_of_mu(Z7/8 PNW)April 9, 2009

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Olympia trade in a few weeks. Here's a list of things I can bring if anyone is interested.

Pacific Coast Iris: seedling #1 - med. purple center fades to lavender to white at edge, taller than most.

seedling #2 - white self with a pale blue-violet flush across the falls - fabulous variety.

Bearded iris: Crimson King (Barr, 1893), red-violet, short, not the prettiest of them all but it sends up bloomstalks for 6-8 weeks once established and looks great in a mass planting.

Rose campion

Dicentra formosa - hybrid, white w/ blue foliage. Very vigorous.

Geranium renardii

Meconopsis Cambrica - mixed colors

Tradescantia - white with a lavender eye

Hosta - green/white, 18-20" tall.

sempervivum - hens and chicks of various sizes and styles.

Red Ceder seedling

I am looking for anything deer resistant that can take summer dry and likes poor soil, for sun or shade. Coneflower, rubeckia, coreopsis, lavender - that sort of thing. Anyone have kinnikinnik? And, as always, anything interesting in the iris family.



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Hi Mike,
I sent you an email. I have some rubeckia and some coreopsis zagreb, too.

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Hi Mike...I sent you an email too.Looking forward to seeing you again.

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I have some year-old rooted native (non-cultivar) kinnickinik cuttings I would love to see go to a good home. I will bring them for you.

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Hi Mike!
I'd love a small hunk of your trandescantia as well as crimson king and the pacific coast seedling #2. I don't have my list together, but I am sure I can bring some rudbeckia & coreopsis for sure. I will dig around and see what else I can come up with! I wish I had dug up my lavenders and given them to you last fall. I'm afraid they have succumbed to moisture this winter. If they happen to survive which it looks doubtful...I will bring them to you because they don't do well here.

Looking forward to seeing both you and Ruth again,

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Hi, Mike!
Could I please have some dicentra? That is a vsriety that I had shared with you that got left behind in one of our moves.
Want a Calsib called Canyon Velvet?

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Better yet, how about a great big rugosa rose??

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michelelee(z8 WA)

Hi Mike. I would love to trade for some of your Dicentra. I have some rooted Lavender cuttings of either 'Provence' or 'Grosso' or perhaps both i will have to check. I also have many different Rudbeckia seedlings I could bring as well as Sedums. Let me know. Michele

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digdiva(z7 Wa)

Hi Mike, I'd like some white decentra too!

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