HAVE: Green 'Elephant Ear' Taro Pups

lucasdaldersonJune 30, 2005

If this message looks familiar, then there is a reason for it. I have already posted it but posted it under a WANT rather than a have. Sorry for the condusion!!!

GardenWeb Members,

I just seperated my green "elephant ear" taro (yes, these grow in ponds!!!) and got several "pups" off of it. I am interested in trading one of these plants for a water lily that I do not have or a kewl bog plant that I do not have such as Powdery Thalia, Red Stemmed Thalia, Aztec Arrowhead, Silk Stockings Arrowhead, Double White Arrowhead, Interesting Taro that I do not have, Star Grass, NAMED LA Iris, Golden Club, or a similar plant. If you would like to see what all I have so you know what not to inquire about, go to my plant list at www.geocities.com/lucasdalderson/myplants.html. Feel free to browse around the rest of my site... That is what it is there for. If you would like to trade, email me at lucasdalderson@yahoo.com. Please, no FOR POSTAGE INQUIREES and I only want NAMED WATER LILIES. Thanks for your interest in trading. Also, I have several other pond plants and would combine two or three of them for trading for a tropical or interesting hardy water lily. Simply inquire to find out.

Happy ponding,

Lucas D. Alderson


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