Cutting leaves in fall

nat4b(4)April 5, 2014

Anybody does cut the foliage in the fall? Especially in the north?
I wonder if it would help with spring cleaning? Or it's better to leave them here for the winter?

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I don't cut back in the fall, but leave everything as mulch for the winter. I do clean up everything in the spring when the dormants start to break.

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Julia NY(6)

I tried it once but found winter protection is best for the north. After this past winter, I'm glad I left everything.


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i leave the foliage on to help insulate the plant. Actually it is probably easier to remove because they just pull away from the plant. We are almost done uncovering. Can't wait for the blooms to start.

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Thanks, everybody! So the consensus is better not to cut in the fall. I guess I was just lazy about spring clean-up :)

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Just to pop in, I decided mine did better if I didn't cut anything til after at least the first freeze. And have nice mulch in place.


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