Weather roller coaster

Julia NY(6)April 13, 2014

The last couple of days have been more than we could of hoped for after our winter. But alas, we know the temps will drop again on Tuesday with some of that nasty white stuff mixed with the rain.
I've gotten 85% of my gardens cleaned of daylily foliage and milorganite down to ward off the deer or so I hope. I still have to do the spreading of alfalfa pellets but maybe later in the week once the weather shifts again. Then its time to do a thorough weeding/grass eradication.
I've lost some of my 2 year old seedlings and some of the 3 year ones too. Mother natures way of culling for me.

So here is a sample pic of the crocus getting into their stride but the yellow ones today are mostly gone with just the other colors showing.

Each year I try to get a pic of the gardens before the plants start to show themselves fully. Right now they are only up a couple of inches so not much you can see in these. Still looks very brown with the splattering of crocus blooming in spots. So amazing how the garden will transform from brown to green in the coming weeks. Still have to add more mulch but taking it slow to get everything done before the season gets into full swing.


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I always love your before and after pics. Be sure to post more photos when all your spring blooms start showing themselves.

So, how did you fare with the nasty winter? I think I've been lucky so far. I planted four or five news plants in the Fall and have my fingers crossed that they survived.

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Julia NY(6)

I haven't noticed any registered daylily losses yet. Some look weaker and not all the dormants are fully up yet. So far it is looking good. The sevs always look the worse but with some growth they will pull through. I had extras in pots on my patio and later this week I'll pull back the dead foliage on them and see if they made it.

The worse winter we've had since moving to upstate ny. Not so much snow issues but the cold and north winds kept us with windchill lows we've not experienced before. Our fuel bill has now exceeded our budget estimates.

I'm hoping to rototill the veggie garden and a new section for garden plants once the weather gets more stable.

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Love all that space, except for the mowing!

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All my daylilies are up about 4 to 6 inches and it's suppose to be 26 tonight. I'm sure they won't like that. I can't cover all of them. I will cover the pots because they are close together. I hate it but I can't do anything about the weather.

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Juliany, do you dig those alfalfa pellets in? If I only scattered them here, my dog and lots of rabbits would be all over my yard eating them. Sat here it was 100, Sun eve 27, Mon supposed to be 24. I had 8" of snow on my deck. Most snow all winter. Moisture here so far this year .32.

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twintoes(5b Nebraska)

Was 83 degrees here Saturday...then this morning I wake up to a blanket of snow and freezing temps. Makes me nervous to put my seedlings out! Your garden is wonderfully spacious! Enjoy :)

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Julia NY(6)

flowergirl: I pull back any mulch and toss on top of the ground and then water it down so it is mushy and then put the mulch back on top. I use the pellets for horses and not rabbits. Could that be the difference?
Put my rain barrel out over the weekend to collect water so I'm not using my household well water. Hope it won't freeze when I do get some in tonight and possibly tomorrow.

mantis: I love to do the mowing. Just sit and let the machine do all the work LOL.

I hope others will post pics of their gardens.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Its looking really nice Julia.but, I guess very soon it will all be a pretty green and get rid of the brown.We had a much colder winter here too. only a inch or two of snow once, but, so very cold.I am trying to get rid of weeds, too, now, a little at a time.and putting some preen out as I do each section so weeds wont take over again before I get it all done.Suppose to be 32 here tomorrow night. brrrr.


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Julia NY(6)

Jean: I can't imagine how you folks in the south feel with having cold temps like us northerners.

I think by tomorrow we will climb up in temps slowly the rest of the week. At least the plants are getting enough water which also makes the ground soft enough to pull the weeds/grass more quickly. My son visited over the weekend and helped us get the tiller on the back of the big tractor. Now to wait for a good day to till.

Has anyone heard from Kay lately. Hope she is doing okay.


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Kay is as whiny as always. Stinking shoulder has my garden looking as if I had died. Some ruthless culling of plants is in the forecast. I gave away a lot of iris last year and have more promised for this year. i have decided I am reducing to 300 daylilies. that means between 40 and 50 will be leaving. I sent off a good many in the fall, but had more new ones than I got rid of. If I just like it, if it doesn't bloom to suit me, (often bonus plants) It is going. I have to do that unless I hire a gardener, and that isn't going to happen, although I may and probably will get some help with mulching.

Your garden looks great. Mine is a morass of weeds. I have been out and working a bit, and in an hour or so, I will be back out for a little while. azaleas and snowballs are beautiful, at least.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

There you go, Julia. now we know kay is ok, at least still with us.maybe not too ok, but still going in the garden. I have been weeding one of my beds and finally finished that one and soon will try to start on another one,, Got very frustrated a little while ago, when I went to photobucket to upload a few photos and coulcnt get into my account, no way and I tried everything I could think of, still nothing. later thought ok, I have a account at image shack, will just put them there, well, couldn't get in that one, I might not get to post any pictures of my daylilies this year.I have tried everything I could possiblely think of and couldn't get into my account.oh well.


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Julia NY(6)

LOL Kay....we all are entitled to be "whiny" after the winter we've all gone through. Keep exercising your shoulder and you'll notice one day it doesn't bother you anymore or at least not as much. I remember the first time I had to pull myself up onto the big tractor. Once I did it, it didn't bother me again. If you don't exercise your arm the muscle tends to almost freeze up and hurt more.
Jean: You'll get back to PBucket. Maybe your daughter can help?

Weather is improving here again and after the freeze we had the other day I thought it would set back a few of the perennials that started growing but everything looks okay so far. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back outside and continue my garden work.


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