WANTED: Lily/Lotus

ms_minnamouse(7a)June 23, 2006

I'm wonder if these are one and the same... I'm looking for something with large pads so my turtle can bask on them. This is going into his pool.

Postage would be great and I also have a trade list.

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Lily's and Lotus are 2 different plants
lily's grow and lay on top of the water
Lotus grow and there leafs stand tall above the water
hope this helps

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Oh, I need lilies then please.

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dak11801(7b LI,NY)

I personally have never had a turtle in my pond, BUT from what I have heard, they will munch on the pads, so much so that one wouldn't usually keep both lilies and turtles in the same pond. You might save yourself the trouble and buy one of those fake silk flower type lilies.

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