WANTED: pond covers and ???

robin5(5/ohio)June 27, 2013

looking for floating plants like frogbit or similiar to cover surface of my small pond. i live in zone 5/6 and hoping that i can receive plants that will 'come back'. if you have anything like frogbit or similiar, I can pay you postage and a little extra. Hoping for a generous amount to cover. My pond is turning green and I have no shade for it. (p.s., if you have any marginals that you could include like cattails and arrowheads or whatever, I will gladly include xtra in postage. thanks, Mary

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many I red root 2.00 a handful it like frogbit just smaller. and I have arrow plants 2.00 each can ship for 6.00 if that helps you .would do better but don't a job right now so plants a fish my income for now.

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