wanted: have: for issaquah trade

rookwoodApril 24, 2007


Alchemilla mollis (LadyÂs Mantle)

Allium schoenoprasum (Chives)

Anemone x hybrida ÂKriemhildeÂ

Campanula persicifolia (Bellflower, the blue kind)

Campanula portenschlagiana (Dalmation Bellflower, blue)

Digitalis (Foxglove, wild)

Fragaria vesca ÂPineapple Crush or ÂAlexander (alpine strawberry, white or red)

Note: I donÂt know which are the white (Pineapple Crush) and which are the red (Alexander) ones (not until they make berries later this year). Both are great. Probably my favorite plant in the entire yard  the berries are delicious, they grow anywhere, birds and other animals love them, they transplant easily and self-sow very readily.

Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass)

Knautia Macedonia

Polemonium carneum ÂApricot DelightÂ

Rubus cockburnianus ÂAureusÂ

I love this plant  the stems are a lavenderish-white, and the leaves a lemon-lime color. I only have 1 or 2 new starts of this, though.



Geum chiloense ÂLady StrathedenÂ

I love these, but every year the deer bite the tops off right before they bloom. They need to be somewhere other than my yard.

Rubus (raspberry  unsure which variety)



Asphodeline lutea (KingÂs Spear)

Sedum ÂAutumn JoyÂ

Unidentified bronze ornamental grass

Note: I wasnÂt told what this was when it was given to me, but it just isnÂt my thing. The blades are quite fine in texture, and height and width are about 2Â



Elaeagnus pungens ÂFruitlandii (Fruitland Silverberry)

Quantity: 2 shrubs approx. 4Âhigh x 3Âwide

They have never been happy in my yard and have not really grown much since I got them 4 years ago. When they do put on new growth, the leaves eventually fall-off the new parts so that the plant is back to its original size. Maybe someone else will have better luck with them.

Miscanthus sinensis ÂGracillimus (Maiden Grass)

Quantity: Two mature plants (approx. 5 years old)

These have never "bloomed" for me. IÂm sure someone else will have better luck.

What IÂd like in exchange:

Woolly thyme

Corsican mint

Creeping phlox


Iberis (candytuft)

Bellium minutum

Ilex aquifolium

IÂm also interested in anything fragrant.

I donÂt know if this is done or not (this is my first exchange), but IÂd also take rocks in exchange -- anything cantaloupe sized or bigger. IÂm thinking in terms of the river rocks that youÂd dig-up on your property, as opposed to that black basalt stuff that is purchased for commercial retaining walls and such.

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Oops -- the red fragaria vesca is "Alexandria" not "Alexander" -- sorry about that.

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nightnurse1968 (Suzy)

Hi there,
I would be interested in the following:
Anemone x hybrida ÂKriemhildeÂ
Polemonium carneum ÂApricot DelightÂ

I can bring you woolly thyme and some corsican mint. I also have a list posted with many things still available. Let me know!

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albabela(8 WA (US))

I could not help but laugh at your description of Elaeagnus. I could love to have these - please check my list to see what I can offer in return.
I will have a start of honeysuckle vine - very fragrant and I will gladly bring for you - if you already don't own one.

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Susan, I have some polemoniums and anemones set-aside for you. I looked at your list of what you still have remaining and would like some sweet woodruff in addition to the thyme and corsican mint.

Shilpa, the Elaeagnus (Elaeagni?) are all yours. I'd be happy to have the honeysuckle in exchange. Thanks!

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sokkappa(z7 Sequim, WA)

I would like to have some Knautia. Please see My Page for what I have. Thanks.


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I would be interested in Campanula persicifolia,Polemonium carneum ÂApricot Delight and Geum chiloense ÂLady Stratheden that you ahve. I can bring Candytuft and creeping phlox( pink flowers) from your list.
Let me know.


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I would be interested in some Miscanthus sinensis ÂGracillimusÂ, Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass)and Knautia Macedonia is you still have some.

I can give you some wooly thyme and a large mound of corsican mint.


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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Hi Rookwood,
I'm interested in your Rubus cockburnianus 'Aureus', alpine strawberries, Polemonium 'Apricot Delight', Geum and Asphodeline.
I have a Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'/korean lilac I can bring you (very fragrant, gets about 4'x4'), Primula auriculas, possibly a fragrant Clematis serratifolia, and some Galtonia viridiflora seedlings...
Let me know if you'd like to trade!


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Balraj, I have knautia set-aside for you and would love to have a bit of aster in exchange.

Sangeeta, I have the campanula persicifolia, polemonium and geums set for you. Would be thrilled with the phlox and candytuft.

Judy -- I'm thrilled you are going to give the miscanthus a try. They need to be happy! Also have the blue oat grass and knautia for you. Mint and woolly thyme greatly appreciated in exchange.

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Hi Rookwood,
I am pretty much starting now, will love to get your plants that you have listed, if there are extra that remain after your trades. I might have some ranunculus bulbs that I ordered, if they come by 28th, not sure.

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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Hi again,
I just found a big (2 gallon) pot of fragrant Paradisea lusitanica I could part with, and a Codonopsis tangshen (not sure if you'd call this one 'fragrant' though---more like 'musky'). A scrambling vine with yellow bell flowers.
See you Saturday!


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sedum gal: I have all of the requested items set aside for you. The rubus cockburnianus looks like it is resenting the transplanting, so I'm going to try potting-up a second one and keeping more roots on it. Hopefully I will be able to get you a viable start. I'd love to have the lilac, Paradisea lusitanica and primula auricula in exchange.

Purplelotus: I will have extras of pretty much everything except the miscanthus, elaeagnus and asphodeline, so I should have plenty to share with you. No exchanges needed.

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albabela(8 WA (US))

Is there a chance you might have a start of of the Rubus Aureus left? If so, please let me know.
with thanks,

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Poochella(7 WA)

rookwood, I have one or two creeping phlox in lavender that I'll give you for nothing in return. I need the space. They've just never performed here as they should, but are very viable and perhaps beginning to bud/bloom right now. Want it/them?

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nightnurse1968 (Suzy)

Rookwood I have you down for Sweet woodruff, wooly thyme and corsican mint. Thanks for the trade. See you on Saturday,

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Shilpa, I will try to bring you a start of the rubus 'Aurea' as well, if I can get them to transplant happily.

poochella: thank you for the phlox, I would love to have them.

See you all on Saturday.

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sokkappa(z7 Sequim, WA)

Thank you for the Knautia. I notice I have a few plants without tags that I cannot place for sure. Can you tell me what kind of pots the Knautias were in? Thanks.


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Balraj: I don't remember which pots they were in, but you will know them because they have a basal rosette of leaves that are slightly greyish-green, and which come in two different shapes: some are simply lance-shaped and others have notched edges.

I looked around online to see if I could find a picture of knautia foliage, but could really only find good photos of the flowers.

Let me know if it still isn't clear which plants are the knautia -- I may have a picture of my own that I could scan-in.

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Poochella(7 WA)

rookwood, my apologies: your phlox failed to make my 'reminder list post' of things to bring for people. I do still have a little clump of them and a real straggler of a plant in the garden. Email me and perhaps we can wrangle a drop off or pick up. So sorry to have missed this. I gave a clump of them away just this a.m.! arghhh...

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No worries -- I got a clump of phlox and a bunch of other groundcovers at the trade, so I'm sitting pretty. Thanks for offering, though.

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