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flootaApril 30, 2012

It was overcast today, so I pulled the camera out for the first time in a while. No daylilies blooming yet, but everything else is blooming way ahead of schedule!

Here are the large aliums'Globemaster.'

Yarrow ( Achillea) about a month ahead of schedule:

I spotted a baby cardinal trying to disappear in a potted Japanese maple tree. He was only a couple of feet off the ground here!

Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' also blooming way early:

Hostas in a shady area - they don't look so wonderful as the daffodil foliage is going down everywhere:

The heucheras look so colorful and they've gotten huge this year. I hope they will still be colorful in late June!

My friend Tee designed these license plates. We can't use them on cars in VA. But there's always a place for a daylily license tag:

Salvia 'May Nights' going strong in April:

Real oldie rose MR. Lincoln. Geez, I've grown this one for over 30 years.

This past weekend, I finally got so frustrated with the nepetas sprawling all over the place that I tied them up, so this doesn't look so great but too bad. They need dividing. This is Walker's Low.

Another real oldie hybrid tea, Tiffany.

The clematis around the deck are starting to bloom:

Looking across the back left garden - not much going on, but peonies will be blooming soon.

Will close with a rhododendron:

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Julia NY(6)

It seems like everyones season is going to be here and gone before we know it.

These are lovely pics. Nepetas (cat mint?) is what I have here and you are right. It can take over everything if you don't cut it back but it transplants very easily here.

The alliums are so pretty as well as all the other pictures.

Goodness, you must be thinking to your garden tour and will you have much blooming, eh?


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Even though this seems to be a very strange year, you still have many beautiful things in your garden. I am especially partial to your heucheras and wish they would grow well for us here. Your Walker's Low catmint is way ahead of ours, since ours is just starting to bloom. Love the picture of the baby bird. Thanks for including it. Avedon

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Beautiful pictures , as always, Floota. I would love to grow Nepeta, but every time I plant it, cats find it and destroy it rolling in it. I like seeing yours anyway. I may try again and cage it so they can't get to it.

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shive(6b TN)

I have too many cats already, so nepeta is out of the question for me. Yours is really pretty though. The heucheras steal the show for me. It looks like yours get quite a bit of sun. I have to grow mine in shade, or the leaves scorch.


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A brand new heuchera forum has just been given the go ahead. We will need to see more of your plants on the new heuchera forum.

I'm with Avendon, my favorite photo is of the baby bird hiding in the maple foliage. In my yard, when I see a bird perching on a newly planted tree, it alwasys makes me happy.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Your garden looks great no matter what the season. Love it!

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Wow, That heuchera garden is lovely. I love all your pictures. Sarah

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Your HTs have such healthy foliage - everything looks amazing; When the sea of your DLs bloom - it will be even more spectacular - what a beautiful garden you have, Floota!

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Everything looks wonderful you truly have a spectacular garden. I love the photo of the baby bird he looks like he's giving you a do you have a problem lady look.

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Love your pictures. I like the heucheras with the daylilies. I have them with hostas but never thought of putting them with daylilies! The baby cardinal is sooo cute. I also like your sign. Marg

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Great Pictures; lovely gardens. Thanks for sharing! Ed

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Thanks for your comments, everyone. The plant I identified as an Achillea ( found this out last night) is actually a Meadowsweet - Filipendula Vulgaris. Had not known for sure until someone in the spider group identified it! Secondly, I forgot to include this picture of Fluff Bunny snoozing on the outdoor furniture. He's made himself at home around here, don't you think?

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Fluff Bunny is definitely a happy camper in this picture. In his dream he's probably saying There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Avedon

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

You have a beautiful garden. What a great variety of plants! I'm especially impressed with your heucheras. Your Walkers Low looks great in the picture--can't tell it's been tied up. It is a spreader isn't it.
Fluff Bunny sure doesn't look like he has a thing to worry about.

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Maryl zone 7a

Well you sent me all over the internet regarding your cardinal fledeling. Who knew they looked so different from when they are matured. I thought maybe you had a cowbird instead....Your garden is lovely as always. You have some nice roses. My Tiffany has already had her first round too. So fragrant......Maryl

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Your heucheras make me green with envy! I've tried to grow them in several places here, but they don't do well. I will have to enjoy yours vicariously. I think Fluff Bunny has the right idea - I could use a nap.

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Maryl, Baby cardinals are brown and look nothing like the adults they will become, do they? I spotted the baby again this AM and thankfully, he'd moved over to the taller and safer Bloodgood Japanese maple and his parents were feeding him. There must some other cardinal babies around that area as I've heard and seen the parents frequently. The baby bluebirds are nearby and tonight I caught one peeping out of his box ( until he saw me and ducked.) They should fledge soon. There are baby robins here also. Thankfully Fluff Bunny and Richard Greyfus seem oblivious to it all. ( they are well fed)

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Floota, your yard is looking great. Loved all the plants but my fav is Fluff bunny...Ellie

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Maryl zone 7a

With my garden cat it was always nip and tuck with the baby birds. Yardley (my cat) was virtually abandoned for a year and a half by his owner and his only way to survive was by eating off the land so to speak. I've fattened him up now (the vet grumbled a bit at the weight gain at our last visit) so now he's not as good at doing superman leaps as he was as a young boy. We are all part of nature I guess. Nice to be educated on the daylily thread about others in our garden paradise. Thanks for the reply....P.S. love you cat...Maryl

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