HAVE: 4 white sensations lilly and water celery

joejoe123(Z7)June 24, 2005

im lokking for dwarf lillies the bloom other than white. pink or red or peach would be nice i already have havolena the pygmy kind kind is the kind i would prefere here is a pic of the actual plant im goona trade let me know i would also

also have some dwerf sweetflags too

the regular water celery is large already with runners and the pink varigater is just 2 well established peices

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I have Charlene Strawn, which is a very small lily with leaves only getting max 3 in. and AWESOME peach flowers. It also devides rapidly so it is one that you will have more of to trade most likely this year. I got 11 starts off of mine this year, not counting the mother plant I kept for myself. I am interested in White Sensation. Let me know if you are interested in trading. I can also throw in White O'Dorta, a very mini white similar to Tetragona but it does not have to be grown from seed. Let me know if you are interested!! Look forward to hearing from you!!!

Happy ponding,

Lucas D. Alderson

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i will trade with you for Charlene Strawn and White O'Dorta for one white sensation water lilly the lily is a mature lil;ly and thats what i would like to exchange for not just a small sprout of a lilly so lets set up a trade date this monday is fine for me how about you im also looking for a pink kind and red i have fiber optic grass and dwarf sweetflag too just let me know

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is anyone interested i still have the water celery

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