I like all the pics!

donn_(7b-8a)June 24, 2011

I may not respond to each one, but they are helping me develop a new plant fetish.

I see a specimen I like, and I start researching it. I think I have nearly 50 different "likes" on my list now.

Unfortunately, I have only so much space, so I'll have to be limiting myself to true dwarfs and miniatures, as well as learn to prune them to keep them within bounds.

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I feel the same way, donn. The regulars around here post a lot of informative pictures.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do me a favor.. PLEASE!!! ....

i dont expect everyone.. to reply to every single pic ...

but nothing irritates me more.. than a pic that falls down a few pages with not a single reply ...

i know peeps are looking at it.. and i realize that not all are toe tingling as the next.. but it irritates me when no one has nothing to say ... its like saying.. it wasnt worth my time to snap the pic.. download it.. edit it .. upload it.. and then post it ...

so if you would .. please make it your duty.. to adopt the orphans ... THX!!!

otherwise.. it is my pleasure to enable all of you ...

there is so much more to the conifer world.. as compared to what most if you see at the bigboxstore ... eh??


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Yep. There's so much more to conifers than I would have thought. Since I started hanging around here, I've purchased all kinds of neat stuff, including Thuja Occ. Golden Tuffet, Thuja Occ. Rhinegold, Yellow Ribbon, Thuja Plicata Whipcord, Tempelhof Hinoki, and others.

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Ken, I've commented on some but not all. But I can tell you I greatly appreciate the pics and info.

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