WANTED: lotus

efine50(z7aNC)July 22, 2005


I'm looking for lotus seeds or tubers. I've tried to germinate the seeds before & failed but I did it in an aquarium. I would like to try it again in my tub pond. If anyone has any to share I'm a bit shy on pond plants but have land plants to trade.



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Off to ebay & JL Hudson

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most folks will NOT ship lotus during the active growing season...they deeply resent having their roots disturbed.

If you dont have any luck...try again during the winter..Dec/Jan :)

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zozzl(z9 FL)

I bought some seeds on Ebay for about $4. They germinated well and now about 2 weeks later they are getting their second set of leaves. Like you, I tried to find the tubers but apparently missed the shipping season. Anyway, it is fun and easy to grow them from seed. Pat M.

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Thanks Charlotte....I'll do that!
Pat...congrats on the second set of leaves.

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Did you have any luck finding those seeds Efine? If not I do have some(over 200 seeds)to offer,how about $3.00 postage for 6 seeds.
if still interested send me an email with address and I will send them out to you after I receive your postage fee .

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I successfully started lotus from seed, actually 10 of them.

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Hi Smurfy...can you tell us how you grew your lotus from seed........pictures too

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Growing lotus from seeds is easy.
You just nick the seed until you see the white part inside or it could be dark brown but you have to get the outer coating off it.
I use fingernail clippers to clip off the coating, then you just put them in some water until the germinate. I clip the end with the little indention in it because well, it is just easier to get the fingernail clippers to grab there. It takes a bit of doing or you can use a file or dermel tool if you have one.
I have 4 in my window now they are just starting to get their second leaf each.
I have gotten them before on ebay pretty cheap, like .99 for 12 or so and 1.50 postage, but haven't seen them like that lately.
:) fran

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