WANTED: Green Elephant Swap on Saturday, June 1st

kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)May 30, 2013

Have: a couple of fig tree starts, a grafted apple tree, some veggie starts (mainly heirloom tomatoes), a very small purple smoke bush, and some ornamental grasses, among other things.

Want: I'm mainly looking for veggie starts.

Anyone else care to post "haves" and/or "wants"?

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Have: zucchini starts, red neck garlic, native colville garlic, seed potatoes

Want; veggie starts

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Have: Lettuce starts, basil, peppers, squash starts, strawberry and possibly raspberry plants, rooted pheasant berry cuttings, newly dug kerria japonica (most have some roots), perennial geraniums, various iris (unknown colors), and several odds and ends leftover from previous trades this year.

Want: Greengage plum (I lost mine this past winter).

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I'll be bringing:

Rooted Hydrangea cuttings:
- unnamed lacecap, lost tag but bought at heronswood years ago,
- Variegated Hydrangea

- Anagalis Monelli - blue pimpernel
- Browallia
- Spanish Flag Vine
- Double dark pink heirloom morning glory
- Nicotiana, both alata and sylvestris variety

Bulbous Oat Grass - had this at the march trade as well. Goes great interplanted with spring bulbs, covers up the dying foliage

Probably some other odds and ends as well

Want: Large chunks of moss, white or yellow brugs, primulas, always tempted by plants I don't have!

LMK if you want to trade and I will set aside, otherwise it's free for all!

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I would love some Spanish flag vine and Morning glory.
Let me know if anything I have sounds interesting.

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msoders - sent you an email

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

In addition to my list at the top of this thread, I am bringing a number of ferns, and a large, sturdy, 4-wheel garden wagon that I bought at Costco several years ago. It's a little bit rusty, but it's built like a tank and has many more years of life in it. First come, first served.

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If it's one of those flatbed style ones, I'd love to have it!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It's like the flatbed ones, but with fixed sides and a front and rear that open up completely. You can see what you think of it.

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