HAVE: Partial trade list for Longview/Kelso

barbe_waMay 8, 2013

I'm still trying to get my trade list in order, but so far I have Russell's lupine starts, perennial geraniums, potted geraniums (some trailing), a few veggies, pink panda strawberries (of course!), a gunnera that I wanted but Don nixed when we got home, Arbor Day tree starts in pots, and a lot of little odds and ends. I'm still digging and potting. I have a lot of Hood and Tristar strawberries all mixed up that need thinning so if I don't get to it, anybody is welcome to dig what they want. As usual, I'll have trowels, shovels and pots for people to help themselves to any of the volunteers in the yard and garden.

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I just bought 6 gallon pots of Asiatic lily starts (2 to 4 starts in each pot) for $1 each at the Master Gardener Plant Sale so I'll have quite a few of these to trade. I've also dug some Hood or Tristar strawberries. Since they all grow together, it's hard to tell which is which. And I've got columbine starts and maybe primroses if they make it in this heat, and several varieties of tomato plants and basil starts. There's still almost a week to go so I should have more before the 18th. The weeds are holding me back because I start to dig something and see the weeds which just have to be dug first. Ah, springtime!

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Maybe it should be a "trade and weed" event?!

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Anyone is welcome to all the weeds they can pull! I'm over run with them - as usual, I might add. My weeding doesn't get finished until winter. lol

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