Broken Leader on Leyland Cypress - Advice?

isaariJune 23, 2009

Wind or other circumstances have broken the leader of one of my leylands. It's about 12ft tall and the portion broken is about 2ft. Looking for some advice on what, if anything, can be done to assist a new leader or will it sort itself out? Photos below. Thanks.

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I've now learned the break occurred where a bagworm sack was attached. Perhaps that doesn't impact my issue, but figured I'd included it anyway.

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Mike Larkin

Do nothing, it will rebound and regrow very quickly. I have seen worse damage and the tree is doing fine.
I am not sure that one bag worm sack would have broken a leader. They are not that heavy.
LOL Mike

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Most important thing is to keep an eye on it to see that you don't get two or more competing leaders. If that happens, then prune one out to ensure it only has one leader.


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