HAVE: Black Currant Bushes

NickyMay 13, 2011

I took out some overgrown black currant bushes a few weeks ago and popped a few of the smaller rooted ones in the greenhouse until I decided what to do with them - if anyone is interested in the KW/Guelph/Elora area, (I don't have time to fiddle with mail right now) I would be happy to swap for any veg seedlings (like to try new varieties) or perrenials (new 60x4'bed to fill). If you don't have anything to swap but really want a currant bush, that's ok too!


PS I have no idea what variety (they came with the house a few years ago).

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I'm in Hamilton, but don't always have access to a vehicle. Is there a Timmies in Morriston? if you can meet up?

I have a few perennials that I can hive off.

yarrow - summer pastels
sororia violets - purple and "freckles"
irish moss - golden
sweet woodruff
creeping thyme - pink chintz

except for the yarrow, they are groundcovers. Earlier I had lady's mantle, but my mother claimed it. ;-)

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Hi! I come to Ikea in Bulington staight down Hwy6 to Hamilton once in a while & we are overdue for a trip. I can let you know when I'm headed that direction, or if you are heading to Morriston, let me know. I'm a little busy for the next couple of weeks... but after that my schedule should be a little more open.

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I have heirloom tomatoes to offer...big healthy 10 week seedlings, plus some lovely eggplant varieties. I'm just south of Acton so not far at all, Brookville would be our midpoint. How many did you have left?

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Sounds like a great ideae to meet when you come down to Ikea, with gas prices the way they are. I'm just over the line in west Hamilton, too. I've set my email addy to show, or use the Gardenweb forms, email me when you are planning to come down.

Also a great excuse for me to trawl Ikea ;-)

Tell me if you want any of those critters I listed. I also have chives, but there's rarely a shortage of them :-D

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Thanks for the trades everyone... all Currants are spoken for - freki - saving some for you & dexterdog - hopefully this weekend!
Just in case anyone missed out and would like Black Currant bushes... send me a message and I can root em up (extremely easy), just takes a bit of waiting time.

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I would love some black. what do you want for trade? My list is outdate so please ask

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