HAVE: a thank you for the longview/kelso trade

treepalm(z8WA)May 21, 2011

Thank you Barb and Don! It was nice to see your gardens and fun trading. Thanks to all for the nice plants. I'm too tired to get them out of the car, but I made it home in one piece.


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I hope you had a good time, Teresa. We certainly enjoyed having you here. Thank you so much for the pulmonaria and false lily of the valley, and whatever else it was you gave me - I'm too tired to remember right now. I think it was a great swap meet. We're getting bigger and better every year.

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pat_tea(PNW, Van,WA)

Yes a BIG THANK YOU to Barb and Don for hosting this special event. And thank you to all the very generous gardeners who shared so many plants with me even though all I had to trade was chocolate. LOL Teresa, I left my plants in the car too. Next time I will bring a wagon.

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Great thanks to Barb and Don for posting such a wonderful plant trade..and this one was even bigger and better than ever.

Thanks to all for the wonderful plants..and to Barb and Don for the great food...and comfy accomodations.

Since my plants were in a friend's truck..they did get moved out yesterday afternoon..late..but only to be lined up for later care.

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I would like to thank everybody for all the lovely plants, for attending and for making this one the best yet except that Tammy couldn't make it. We missed her cheerful smile and help in identifying those mystery plants. I would like to send her a special thank you for the beautiful plants she sent to me and Don even though she couldn't be here. Thank you, Tammy!

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Blooming thanks to...
**Barb & Don for hosting the swap & giving plants. I hope the SGrow works well.
**Teresa for picking up plants for me since I couldn't attend
**Teresa for opening her garden when I came to pick up the plants and helping dig 19 different plants.(She has an amazing variety of lovely plants in a natural setting!)
**Marie for plants (More SGrow to swap for Jacob's Ladder next time)

The surprise of the potted Dragon Arum (Voodoo or Stink Lily) was awesome since James' pot from fall GE hasn't come up.


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Wish I could have been there. Made a trip to Louisiana instead!

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